In 2014, the competition took place in the School Technical  Engineers of Telecommunications, in Ciudad Universitaria.
Involving a total of 16 teams, 8 per category, formed by groups of 4 students
In the Team Design category , teams had that build a crossbow that will operate automatically using kits of Robotics supplied by the company bq
The crossbow was automatically operable without manipulating any lever, work should be done with a robotic kit. Using a sensor of light as signal of activation or a button in its default, various servomotors  were activated in the device
In the Case Study category, participants made a presentation on a case study provided by Actúa-UPM
The case was about a start-up of the University Polytechnic of Madrid. Participants had to perform an SWOT analysis for subsequently propose and justify the future steps  to take for the growth and survival of the company

Here you can find a brief video made during the competition