In November 28th and 29th of 2015 BEST Madrid organized the local round of the biggest european engineering competition at Technical University of Madrid.

In a tough selection process among all the applying participants, we chose 17 and 33 participants for the Case Study and Team Design categories respectively.

In the Team Design category, the challenge was about special accesibility awareness. In this task the students had to develop a mechanism to carry a load up across a stair, with the load representing a person with reduced mobility.

Using only basic materials such as wood boards, pulleys, glue and a small motor powered by a battery, the students managed to come up with really diverse and witty designs.

Furthermore in the Case Study category the teams had to solve a planification and adaptation company problem about transforming a city into an inteligent one.

The criteria to choose the winner was the feasibility and saving of resources of the project,  in addition to the quality and dynamism in the presentation.

The competition concluded with a Closing Ceremony in the Hall of the School, in charge of representatives of the Jury, BEST Madrid’s president and one of the event’s coordinator. During the ceremony, teams that achieved the top three in each category were announced and both the participation diplomas and the prizes for the winners were handed.

The prizes for the winning teams members were electronic tablets and a pass to the national round of the competition that was celebrated in Carlos III University of Madrid in Apri 2016.

Finally we celebrated the event with a catering and a photocall in the Hall of Escuela Técnica Superior de Edificación.