BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), is a non-profit and non-political organization formed by students. One of its main purpouses is to promote the comunication, cooperation and technological and scientific development among students from all Europe.


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94 universities

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32 countries

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3700 active members

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We reach more than 1.300.000 students


The history of BEST started in April 1989, when the idea of a non-profit and non-political international organization was borned with the aim of connecting Europe.

Veinticinco años más tarde, 94 Local BEST Groups in 32 countries are creating a growing, well-organised, powerful, young and innovative student network. Almost 3700 members are involved in the day-to-day development of our services and almost one million students are reached through our events and initiatives.
BEST promotes “Empowered diversity” and helps European students of technology become more internationally minded, by reaching a better understanding of European cultures and developing the ability to work and volunteer in a global environment.


Present in 32 countries and reaching 1.300.000 technology students, BEST has became a considerable European organization. There are 94 local groups spread all around Europe that formed the core of the organization. Each group is present in exactly one university and they have their own local board, their own activities, culture and habits.

As the pieces of a puzzle, each of the groups has its own shape and place in BEST: the groups are connected one with each other by  the same common values. This connection powers BEST as a strong organization, offering services for European students of technology.


We improve our abilities and knowledge through the experience.

We value every small thing that we learn through the experience of cooperating in the development of our activities.  We exert ourselves to learn as much as possible in every aspect of our work. We value the personal improvement and we seek to live in a learning community, where all of us can share and develop ideas.

The universe is constantly changing and we are open to changes. We encourage ourselves to be open-minded to it, to value the ability of being flexible and to respond quickly to changes in our work environment or any unsual situation.

We always try to increase the level of everything that we do. We use all of our creativity to improve the way we work. Our goal: to assure the development and progress of our actions, activities and management.

To build good personal relationships through which we can help, support and be worried about each other is one of our main goals and it is fundamental for the growth of a good teamwork.

We love everything that we do.

Each person’s emotions are viewed favorably in every of our events. We exert ourselves for showing our activities as a nice experience to everyone that wants to participate. We behave with passion and we make a big effort to transmit that passion to the people that surrounds us.