Do I have to pay in order to participate?

No!. Participate is completely FREE. We will collect 10€ in the days previous to the competition that we will refund the day of the competition to cover the logistic cost in case of leaving.

How can I apply to the competition?

You can apply in this form.

When can I apply to the competition?

From January 22nd to February 12th, 2018.

Can I get credits for participating?

Yes, you can get 0.5 credit for participating and 1 credit if you win.

Do I need to know English language?

Yes, since it is an international engineering competition you need to understand and speak English to participate in the competition. And if you have the chance to go to the final round in Brno you will compete with students from all over Europe, you will need english to communicate.

How can I know if I have been selected to participate?

All the selected participants will receive an email confirming their selection, so have a look to your inbox.

When will I know if I have been selected to participate?

You will receive an  email confirming your selection in ¿?¿

How and with which criteria the working groups will be created for each category, once participants have been selected?

If you apply alone, the groups will be conformed by the organization of the competition and the participants will distributed to get the most diverse team, which means, that each group will be made in 4 students from different degrees.

If you apply with friends, you can make your own 4-people group, but you must specify in the application form the name of your group.

Can I participate in a 3-people team?

No. You can apply to the competition with two other friends and a make a 3-people team. However, the organization will add an extra member to complete the 4-people team, because all the teams must be composed by 4 people.

Can I participate if I did it before?

Besides first time participants have preference in the selection, you can repeat and participate as many times as you want.

Can I participate if I am a graduate but I am still studying in the UPM?

Of course, as far as you want to prove your ingenuity and your engineering knowledge and you were currently studying a Master´s Degree or PhD in the University.

In how many categories can I participate?

You can only participate in one cathegory (Team Design or Case Study), but you could apply to both indicating in the application form your preferences in order to be taken into account in the selection.

Who chooses the participants?

The organization makes the selection.

Is there any kind of award for the winners?

Yes, the participants of the winner teams will receive awards and also they will have the chance to participate in the national round for free.

Who chooses the winner team?

An impartial jury will deliberate and choose the winner of each cathegory of the competition.

Where and when is the next round?

The National Round will take place the 21st and 22nd of April 2018 in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Do you have any additional question?

Contact our responsibles which data you will find in the Contact section.

Your questions make us improve! :)